The Internet Protocol Television (abbr.: IPTV) designates the transfer of film and TV programs via Internet. This transfer form is put into practice by means of special end devices in connection with a TV set, but also via mobile phones and computers.

IPTV - The Future of Television?

IPTV for example offers forms of interactivity to its users. In addition to that IPTV provides subscribers of offers connected with costs with secure lines as well as a better quality of the picture than other formats like for example cable TV.

The technical improvement continues - and by that also the improvement of quality of the free IPTV. The popularity of IPTV grows and grows. By that the operators of IPTV become a threat to the operators of the broadcasting companies.

End Devices for IPTV

In general IPTV is mainly used in connection with the following end devices: A personal computer via a special software installation, mobile devices like mobile phones or Set-Top-Boxes that are connected to a router and a TV set.

The Advantages of IPTV

The Disadvantages of IPTV