Media Distribution

The term media distribution describes the exchange of different media-based formats like pictures, videos and texts via the Internet. The digital files are made public, they are saved in data banks and shared between individual persons. Media distribution software and the versatile public online portals help to implement these processes.

Media Distribution facilitates direct Connections

With the aid of certain software one may for example open zip-files or install new programs on a computer. Public online portals assist with spreading the own media-based files - that way the media distribution may for example take course via YouTube (videos), via Flickr (pictures) or via diverse instant messengers like ICQ or the Yahoo Messenger (chatting). Media distribution takes place anytime: Motion pictures are downloaded as well as songs or entire books. Companies may make their work flows more easy for themselves and their employees by the principle of media distribution via the Internet, so that there is more time for other ideas and projects. Social networks bunch all this and spread the different media-based formats by means of the intensive interactions of their members.

Media distribution: An entire World of Data

Speaking of media distribution one means several things: The transfer of information, social networking, chatting, the saving and editing of data. The Internet offers a lot of possibilities concerning media distribution. The users register themselves in the appropriate portals, click the relevant download links - and right away an unlimited world of data appears in which the media distribution is the dominant feature.