Online Video

By the daily use of the world wide web the so-called online videos established themselves through the course of the past years. Online videos are films of variable lengths on the internet.

Where to find Online Videos

Videos on the internet which are free of charge usually last about a few seconds or minutes. But there are also large commercial video stores online. Here the user may watch motion pictures, series etc. by point-and-click. Video portals free of charge like YouTube ( in addition to sections of series, movie pictures and advertisements also present music video clips or other films especially created by the production companies for the online video portals. Furthermore the users may shoot their own films and put them for free into the data bank of an online video portal.

Effects of the Online Video Market

By online videos the production companies of the broadcast stations as well as music producers have the possibility to place convenient advertisements on the internet. Alongside the user has direct access to a pool of video productions that appears to be almost unlimited. Of course one may not watch entire episodes or motion pictures as online videos free of charge. Nevertheless it is possible to watch selections of TV and film productions, complete trailers, music productions and programs that were especially created for the large online video audience.

Stars of Online Videos

People like to create online videos concerning their own pets, ideas related to certain hobbies (like cooking, knitting or writing) or their own music videos and satires. Through online videos real stars may be born - that already happened to canadian singer-songwriter Justin Bieber or to the little sneezing panda that at lightning speed gained millions of clicks on YouTube.